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Secure Protection for Files and Folders

Datto File Protection is a secure and scalable file and folder backup service that enables MSPs to efficiently protect and recover data across client devices such as workstations and laptops.

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Explore File Protection’s Top Features

Simple, SMB-friendly, end point file backup, with powerful MSP-centric capabilities that automate service delivery and minimise operational overhead.

Centralised Configuration and Remote Deployment

Automated authentication and customer data backup without impacting on client productivity.

Continuous File and Folder Backup

Backup locations are continuously scanned for changes with backups functioning over any internet connection. All files retain their version history for up to 180 days.

Self-Service Restore

Clients can access their own backup files, helping to drive down support requests.

Protect Data From Ever-Present Threats with Datto File Protection

With Datto File Protection you never need to worry about your files again. With its MSP-centric capabilities and automated service delivery, protecting your files has never been easier.

Centralised Configuration and Remote Deployment

Manage in the Cloud

File protection is cloud-managed via our Manager Portal. It provides a centralised location to manage and configure the entire fleet from one location.

Integrate with RMM and PSA

PSA enables MSPs to automate contracts and billing and Datto RMM, enables MSPs to deploy file protection rapidly, and includes silent install and mass authentication.

Rapid Deployment

Protect files faster than ever before. Datto File Protection is deployable via AD Group Policy or by emailing the download link to clients for self-installation.

File Protection Integrates With Datto RMM

Remotely monitor and manage Datto File Protection for real time visibility into status, backup size, and the last backup day

Continuous File and Folder Backup

Six-Month Versioning

All files within Datto File Protection are protected and versioned for up to six months. Files are protected against accidental deletion to ensure corrupted data can be recovered by users or with the assistance of their administrator or MSP.

Protected and Compliant

Datto File Protection has a proven track record for keeping business data safe and available 24/7. Data is encrypted with 265 AES encryption both while in transit and at rest as well as for HIPAA, GDPR and SOC 2 Type II compliance. We also protect your files across geo-redundant data centres based in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Enable Your Clients

Intuitive design means users can easily and quickly access and restore their own files, enabling them to recover from common data-loss scenarios, such as accidental deletion, without raising a support request. MSPs and administrators can also securely access client accounts to restore data on their behalf.

A Full Suite of File Protection Features

File Backup Frequency

File backups are continuous with file changes being immediately backed up once a change is detected on the device.

Administrator Privileges

Admin rights for clients to manage their own accounts, end-user authentication methods, SSO or access link sent by admin.

File Versioning

Backups of new versions are created whenever a file is changed with prior versions retained for up to 180 days.


Stored in data centre regions in the USA, Canada, the EU and Australia. Data resides within the region with built-in geo-redundancy. It is annually audited in accordance with SOC 2 Type ll with 256-bit AES encryption while in transit and at rest.

Ransomware Detection and Management

Functionality detects infection, quarantines the source, notifies an administrator and easily reverts files to a clean state.

Flexible Restore

Restore to an original user’s device or restore to an alternative user device by an administrator or your MSP.