File Backup & Sync

Boost revenue with MSP focused collaboration and file backup solutions, Datto Workplace and File Protection.

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Collaboration and protection

Work together simply and securely and protect the results with power and speed.

Minimize Client Downtime

File backup and restore functionality protects against data loss and downtime in the event of equipment loss or failure, ransomware, or other disasters.

Ensure Security

Industry leading security features, like ransomware detection and management and policy-driven admin controls keep business data safe.

Enable Seamless Collaboration

Streamline communication by syncing and sharing files, creating projects and teams, and performing routine audits within a simple, sleek, intuitive user interface.

Centralized Management

Track, monitor, and manage all activity, users, devices, and storage from a single pane of glass.

The Datto Global Partner Program

File Backup and Sync Solutions for MSPs

Datto Partners manage their entire business as a unified operation, with unlimited access to support. This creates a customer base that gets:

  • Updated knowledge from your team -- that gets customer experience Insights they can depend on to drive ROI
  • A unified platform and a reliable customer experience
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A superior solution all around

"Datto Workplace is superior not only on a technical basis but when we looked at the Partner Program and the interactions with the PSA and the entire picture of what we were going to be able to offer our clients, it was clearly a superior solution."

Daniel Johnson

President, machineLOGIC

Secure, Efficient, Cost-Effective File Backup

“Datto File Protection gives us with the ability to do continuous backup on any device regardless of operating environment or network status. Gaining that kind of control with access to the unified capabilities of Autotask Endpoint Management allows us to easily provision, manage, and bill our clients’ file back up in a way that is far more secure, efficient and cost effective than ever before.”

Terry Bryson

Owner, The Local Guy

  • Datto WorkplaceSecure file sync and share

  • Datto File ProtectionFully unified file backup

Datto Workplace allows clients to work anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing efficiency or security.

Threat Detection and Management

Ransomware management and monitoring functionality detects infection, quarantines the source, notifies an administrator, and reverts files to a clean state, keeping critical business data safe.

Sophisticated Administrative Controls

Customizable user and group configurations and policy controls, enable MSPs to give proper access to the right users. Nothing more and nothing less.

Multi-tenant Management

A centralized management system and reliable configurations means MSPs can easily track and support multiple client teams and storage.

Flexible Deployment Options

Optimize performance without compromising convenience by deploying in the cloud or as a hybrid server solution.

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File Protection is a Datto cloud hosted, file and folder backup service designed for MSPs.

Endpoint Insights

Access device information, check backup status, and restore files to earlier versions.

Centrally Managed and Configured

Ensure consistent and reliable backup of all devices — in one place — with multi-tenant management capability.

Fast and Easy File Restore

Easily recover lost or corrupted data due to ransomware, deletion, and other threats.

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