[Webinar] Protecting Your Clients From Natural Disasters: Tips for MSPs


August 2019


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST

Natural disasters can impact any business, at any time. More than 9 million Australians have been impacted by a natural disaster in the past 30 years. Backup services are not enough when business survival is at stake. MSPs play a critical role in providing business continuity and disaster recovery, or BCDR, services.

So how do educate your clients about natural disasters, and how do you safeguard your own MSP business in the wake of a disaster?

Join us as we sit down with industry-leading MSPs to learn:

  • The financial and non-monetary impacts businesses face during a disaster
  • Questions you need to ask to protect your client’s and your own business
  • Tips to avoid downtime during different types of disasters
  • How to calculate the real cost of downtime, and more!