How RMM Tools Help IT Providers and IT Departments or Succeed


June 2021


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM SGT

In the last year, the IT landscape in ASEAN has changed significantly. For systems integrators, managed service providers, and IT departments alike, clients and businesses with decentralised workforces have presented both challenges and opportunities for growth. Much of the growth these groups are experiencing can be attributed to the solutions they rely on each day. For example, tools like remote monitoring and management (RMM) software play a critical role in helping businesses run efficiently and boost margins.

If you’re interested in learning how a tool like RMM can help you do business more efficiently and capture more revenue, we invite you to join us for a session on 18 June.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Challenges facing internal IT departments in a decentralised operating model
  • How RMM tools can add value to internal IT departments, SIs, and MSPs
  • The threat landscape in ASEAN and how Datto RMM can help you combat cyber threats
  • Datto RMM features and functionality like patching, remote takeover, and native Ransomware Detection
  • And more!

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Our Presenters

Tom Fernandez

Tom Fernandez


Regional Sales Manager