Collaborate across multiple protocols

Need Windows, Mac and Linux users working together? It’s easy with Datto NAS

Centralize storage for multiple departments and protocols, then ensure they’re all protected to Datto’s secure cloud.

User and Share Management

Create network drives in the control panel, add users, and assign users storage on shared resources

Set permissions, public and private shares and manage admin access. Import users from Active Directory, and set group memberships, all from the Datto NAS configuration menus.

Protect Large Datastores

Applications requiring large non-server storage - like video, audio, or image files - still need data protection.

Even if data is already kept in existing storage, Datto’s NAS Guard feature collects it to a central location, from which it can be replicated to the secure Datto cloud. Restoring data is a simple process, from either the local device or cloud.

Secure File Sync & Share

Files are stored and available on the network in the protocol of choice, providing a single abstracted storage location across operating systems.

This makes the latest files available on any device, at any time, from anywhere. Datto NAS includes Datto Drive Local: simply click a button to install Datto Drive on the device to access files from the office, mobile devices, desktop sync clients, and the web.

Access files anywhere with Datto Drive Local

Hybrid SSD and Spindle

While SSDs are fast, they remain more expensive and with generally a higher cost per TB than spinning drives.

As a NAS is for data storage, the design point must balance capacity and performance. Datto NAS supports SSDs where it makes the most sense, for the operating system and swap space, and spinning drives for the bulk of the NAS storage capacity. This provides an overall highly performant device at a cost effective price.

Built in the USA

Datto NAS is designed and assembled in our own build facilities in the USA. Built from the best components available, we assemble Datto NAS to our exacting standards.

From the design and 3D printing of custom fan ducting, to the alignment of cable ties, these exacting standards translate into saved money and time, whether in operation or when replacing parts to get a system back into operation.