Autotask PSA

A Complete IT Business Management Platform, Designed to Drive Success for MSPs

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  • Born in the Cloud

  • Centralize Operations

  • Superior User Experience

  • Business Intelligence

  • Unification with Datto RMM

Born in the Cloud

100% SaaS

Nothing to test, maintain, or update

99.99% Uptime

Our proven track record makes for a reliable system that MSPs can count on

Enterprise Grade Reliability

We guarantee 99.9% uptime in our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with customers

Centralize Operations

Single Pane of Glass Management

Autotask PSA is the central hub for any MSP or ITSP, and its open API enables it to integrate with other critical applications that an MSP needs to run their business

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Optimized for MSPs to automate workflows and save time on every ticket

Accountability and Proof

Full visibility into services, internal operations, and customers

Superior User Experience


Work faster and easier with customizable dashboards, widgets, and ticket categories for each individual PSA user

Instant Understanding

Autotask PSA’s dashboard and widget interface graphically renders what’s happening in real time

Insights that Drive Action

Elevates helpful information on each ticket and task. This leads the user to make data-driven decisions and be more efficient

Business Intelligence

Dashboards and Widgets

Track business progress in real time, and take action immediately with each widget. This allows MSPs to view their business from every angle: issues, assets, and opportunities.


Get the 360 degree view across the business when measuring profitability and growth

Performance Dashboard Workbooks

Granular reports give more control to make the best decisions for the business

Unification with Datto RMM

Single Sign-On

Secure cross-product navigation without multiple authentication events, password synching, or transmission of sensitive credentials - users can work seamlessly between PSA and Datto RMM.

Complete Real Time Asset Data

Detailed asset information synched in real-time, with up to the minute accuracy. This allows techs to improve response times and gain deeper insight into the IT estate they’re managing.

Intelligent Monitoring

Smart, optimized, automated routing, creation, and de-duplication of RMM alerts. This helps reduce noise in the PSA system when multiple alerts are either repeating, related, or can be self-healed.

Contract Clarity

Automated contract compliance so MSPs will always know which assets and services are covered under contract, enabling the maximum billing for all the devices that are managed.

Unify People, Process, and Data

One solution to run a managed services business

Asset 1

Service Desk

The Ticketing module is ITIL-aligned with built-in best practices to make sure MSPs hit their SLA targets

  • The ticket user interface allows for effortless workflow prioritization and is fully configurable to fit unique business needs
  • A single system of record for all customer notes, contracts, incidents and emails
  • Simple and efficient scheduling with a drag and drop dispatcher workshop
  • Customizable dashboards to keep MSPs focused on the metrics that matter to the business

Project Management

Manage projects so they come in on-time, on-budget, and on-spec. The new Task user interface completely overhauls the project management experience with new task categories, task timelines, checklists, and task insight widgets

  • Automate project workflows to consistently hit targets with increased visibility around event tracking
  • Access real-time data, connect everyone instantly with integrated email, and put the right resources on the right tasks
  • Meet billing milestones, assess project profitability, and control factors impacting cost and efficiency

Account Management

Win new business and manage the existing customer base with a full 360 degree view of account information

  • A single place to collaborate on opportunities, contracts, tickets, and tasks
  • Track metrics in real time and analyze new opportunities and sales performance
  • Consistently delight customers and keep and eye on client satisfaction metrics
  • Continuously improve customer experience by offering client self-help tools in order to deliver great service and be a great advisor
Asset 2

Time & Billing

Meet commitments with detailed customer agreements and ensure all billable time and expenses are accounted for without dispute

  • Manage a multitude of contract types, terms, and billing options to ensure compliance and service quality
  • Reduce the billing process from hours to minutes
  • Automatically apply time and expenses to any contract type
  • Maximize resource with in-source and outsource tickets from vendor partners
  • Integrate timesheets and expenses with an accounting system, then approve and post in one click
  • Put an end to billing disputes with invoice detail that is customizable by customer

Inventory and Procurement

Autotask Inventory models the entire workflow from purchasing to installation at the customer site

  • Set up and manage inventory in various locations
  • Check availability and reserve or pick inventory items when creating a contract, project or ticket charge
  • Generate and manage purchase orders and receive purchases into inventory
  • Transfer inventory items between locations and to customers
  • Manage swapping one Configuration Item for another

Resource Management

Manage security levels, time off, work groups, and dispatch calendar to keep everyone organized and on task

  • Display all calendar items such as service calls, to-dos, and appointments
  • Dispatch calendar allows MSPs to delegate work to the appropriate techs and manage resources
  • Manage time off policies, establish and track weekly billable hours goals, manage workgroups, and track skills, degrees, and employee certificates.

Automation of Service Delivery

Set up event triggers that will automate an action, update data, or send a notifications with Autotask’s Workflow Rule Engine

  • Automate the backend business process using workflow rules and notifications
  • Automatically update an entity, take action, and notify customers
  • Use Checklists in the ticket to prescribe steps, standardize processes, and enforce accountability
  • Ensures techs are working on the right tasks at the right time so nothing falls through the cracks and everyone stays in the loop


150+ integrations with the tools an MSP needs to run their business

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Autotask PSA


“It’s invaluable to have an overview of the entire organization encapsulated in one single pane of glass. ”

Mark Shaw

President, StoredTech Solutions, Inc

“We save 1 hour per day, per employee using Autotask. And we use our customer satisfaction feedback to help our engineers provide even better service. Having this kind of information has helped us keep our engineers happy and led to stronger customer relationships.”

John Pepper

CEO and Founder, Managed 24/7


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