Why Solid WiFi is Critical for the Hospitality Industry

May 03, 2017

Why Solid WiFi is Critical for the Hospitality Industry

By Katie Thornton

Let’s face it: in today’s technologically-obsessed world, you are judged on the quality of your Wi-fi. Maybe your towels aren’t the softest; maybe the mattresses aren’t pillow-topped – customers will forgive you for that. Heck, some won’t even notice. But have less-than-stellar Wi-fi, or worse, no WiFi at all, and people will quickly give you a piece of their mind.

Ask any concierge what the most common question guests ask upon arrival. Hint, hint: “What is the WiFi code?” While WiFi is desired in most places, such as hospitals and parks, when it comes to hotels, it is 100% expected. This is in no small part because these establishments are frequented by business travelers, who need to be connected to family and business partners back home.

2 Ways Your Establishment Loses Without WiFi

  1. Lost Revenue

    Let’s look at what happens when you have inconsistent WiFi and how that ultimately leads to lost revenue:

    • Bad Reviews – Social media is a powerful weapon. If guests post negative comments online about your poor wireless, you may begin to lose bookings to other hotels in the area that have positive reviews.

    • Technical Support Expenses – IT isn’t free. You may have already learned that the hard way. Having to continually call in tech support because of erratic WiFi will eventually eat into your profits.

    • Lost Events – Hosting events at your facility is important to your bottom line. When corporations find out your wireless is not reliable, they will be forced to go to someone else who can support their event’s technological needs.

  2. Lost Time

    Beyond the obvious lost revenue is the time that is ultimately spent on dealing with guest complaints or those who need assistance getting online. When your front desk staff is spending more and more time on the phone trying to help guests sign on, that becomes a problem.

Things to Consider When Deploying a High-Performing Secure Wireless Network:

  1. Determine your goals first so you can design a network around them.

  2. Make sure your network is scalable. With technology and mobile evolving at its current pace, it’s critical your network can grow.

  3. Think about capacity. Where will your hotspots be – those places where guests will be accessing the network at the same time? Plan for these higher-traffic areas.

  4. Network security should be your number one priority. Don’t allow your network to be exposed and vulnerable.

Learn how Datto’s Networking solutions can provide a safe and seamless wireless network throughout your hotel, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and revenue generated.

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