Why Datto's Mac Agent Is Essential

September 12, 2016

Why Datto's Mac Agent Is Essential

By Chris Brunau

Apple computers have become everyday staples of the business world. Despite this trend, Mac data protection options are limited to Time Machine and third-party cloning tools, which operate at the file level. Mac users deserve a better answer. Datto’s Mac agent takes Mac data protection to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Total Data Protection: Data protection starts with smart, consistent backups. With the Mac Agent, real point-in-time snapshots are facilitated for the protected volumes by redirecting writes starting when the backup is initiated, and flushing out to disk once it completes.
  • Long-term retention: Time Machine has no backup retention controls. Backups are pruned to weekly and monthly retention, but they will be automatically deleted if room is needed for new backups. The Mac Agent extends Datto SIRIS and ALTO retention controls to Mac users. Backups are kept for a guaranteed time period—even indefinitely via Datto’s Infinite Cloud Retention.
  • Maximum storage efficiency: Until the Datto Mac Agent was introduced, all Mac backup solutions operated at the file level. Many leverage HFS+ metadata, which limits incremental backups to file-level granularity. Any change to a file (contents, name, or folder location) results in the entire file needing to be backed up, often uncompressed.

In the next blog post, we’ll highlight more reasons why Datto’s Mac Agent is essential for all Mac users in the business world. For more information on Datto’s Mac agent such as requirements, a technical webinar recording and more, click here.

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