Why a Business Continuity Solution is Essential for Small Businesses

Why a Business Continuity Solution is Essential for Small Businesses

By Courtney Heinbach

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) across all industries are faced with an increasingly complex IT landscape but a consistent need to ensure their data, and their clients’, are secure. SMBs can become victims of hackers at any moment, so it’s critical they have the necessary technology to get them back up and running as soon as possible after a cyber incident. Luckily, they have the resources they need in managed service providers (MSPs).

Dental Offices Reap the Benefits of Business Continuity

Syntech IT, an MSP based in Victoria, serves SMBs primarily in the healthcare sector. Supreme Dental are a client of Syntech IT, and had reached out to them about implementing a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution for them when they saw its importance and value at a Syntech IT event. Syntech IT recommended and then deployed Datto BCDR units across all of Supreme’s 11 sites. 

While many dental centres have some form of data backup, few have true business continuity solutions. Unfortunately, disaster recovery solutions usually take time to restore working systems – time that modern dental practices like Supreme’s can’t afford. Supreme need constant record access to view and update patient information, take and store x-rays, book appointments, and process payments - they need to be able to operate their business efficiently.

To keep system recovery time to a minimum, Datto BCDR stores a complete copy of each site’s server that the Syntech IT team can quickly restore. This means Supreme can avoid the downtime that would otherwise bring their practices to a halt.

Three weeks after Datto BCDR was implemented across Supreme Dental’s 11 sites, their Cranbourne server went down taking their whole system offline. Syntech IT got the server back up and running in just eight minutes with Datto’s BCDR solution; a vast improvement from previous system failures, some of which took their system offline for multiple days.

Another client of Syntech IT, Maven Dental, saw a need for a more modern BCDR solution and approached Syntech IT to implement them at their 80 sites back in 2019. After the implementation of the devices across their practice began, Maven experienced a sudden failure at a remote practice in Narromine, NSW. The Datto BCDR solution had the practice back up and running within minutes, virtualising their server locally. This saved thousands in lost revenue and negative patient and reputational impacts. They then ran the location off the virtualised Datto backup for two weeks until a server replacement was sourced. This gave them time to source a cost effective server, instead of urgently purchasing an expensive server from the regional area.

“Our previous standard backup solution was not nearly what we wanted or needed. Syntech approached us with the Datto SIRIS solution and came up to our office at Surfers Paradise to do a live demo where they failed over to a backup that was taken only five minutes prior,” said Shaun Brookman, Senior Technical Manager, Maven Dental Group. “Datto’s solution, under Syntech’s management, is world’s apart from our legacy platform. We now have the ability to back up our environments every 5-60 minutes and recover from the last backup within minutes. From an ROI standpoint, it’s already been a very worthwhile investment”.

Many small businesses may not make it through a disaster if they’re offline, unoperational, and unable to sell or provide services for days after a disaster. BCDR solutions are not just data backup. They can ensure a business is back up and running within minutes of a disaster striking. Being able to pitch this value to SMBs is the first step. If you’re looking for a resource to help you kick off these conversations, download our eBook: Selling BCDR Made MSPeasy.

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