Which RMM is Right for Your MSP Business?

April 15, 2019

Which RMM is Right for Your MSP Business?

By Chris Brunau

The early days of IT services saw many small-and-medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, outsource their support to a centralised helpdesk where various reactive, on-premises tools were used to help end users. 

However, this resulted in inefficient ‘truck rolls’, which meant that every time an IT problem occurred, an engineer was dispatched to the client’s site to address the issue. The support desk would also spend hours on the phone speaking to businesses about how to fix the issues. As businesses have grown reliant on technology and shifted from traditional on-premises offerings to cloud services over the past decade, this archaic approach is no longer sufficient.

According to Gartner, total cloud spending will exceed USD $278 billion worldwide by 2021, with SaaS applications to contribute to 40 percent of the forecasted revenue. 

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