Don’t Panic, But Your Sixth-Floor Office Just Flooded

December 29, 2015

Don’t Panic, But Your Sixth-Floor Office Just Flooded

By Chris Brunau

Flood waters hitting the sixth floor of an office building may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but that’s exactly what happened to Hoberman & Lesser, a CPA firm located in Manhattan. A plumbing mishap a floor above caused the company’s server room to flood, putting their business in jeopardy.

“I sure never thought they’d get flooded!” said Ken Goldberg, President of NYC-based MSP MCG Inc, when he sold Hoberman & Lesser a hybrid cloud-based backup, recovery and business continuity solution. But it’s a good thing he did. Goldberg quickly realized his client’s VMs, applications and data were ready to run from the secure Datto cloud immediately. The damage was limited to the firm’s server room, so its desktop PCs were still working. Goldberg and his team set up the necessary networking, reconfigured the firewall, accessed the Datto cloud and had Hoberman & Lesser ready to go the next morning as if nothing had happened.

When developing a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan companies typically account for scenarios and situations that are common based on their locations. For example, companies based in the midwest need to consider the possible threat of tornadoes. Your business is most likely not too concerned with a flood causing damage if you’re on the sixth floor of an office building in Manhattan.

Thanks to Goldberg’s foresight, MCG Inc. was able to keep serving its clients without interruption even in the event of a disaster. “We’ve experienced our share of disaster in New York City,” says Goldberg. “But with Datto SIRIS, you can quickly restore business operations anywhere in the world, by running off virtual machines and backed-up data. Given the nature of their business, it wouldn’t have made sense for Hoberman & Lesser not to have done it.”

Plus, because of the way Goldberg had configured the firm’s incremental backups, there was zero discernible data loss. The firm’s clients never even noticed that their trusted CPA had momentarily faced a major disaster.

To learn more about how MCG helped their client survive the rising flood waters and keep their critical data intact, read the full case study.

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