What MSPs Should Look For When Hiring Sales Staff

March 08, 2017

What MSPs Should Look For When Hiring Sales Staff

By David Walter

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MSPs who throw an IT technician in a suit and expect they'll bring in sales, aren't being realistic. Think about it. What kind of pitch is more likely to bring in clients? One so focused on technology that business owners need Google to understand discussion points, or one focused on business needs in terms they understand?

Technology grows exponentially that trend isn't slowing down. From smartphones to cloud computing, Big Data, and analytics that can process a terabyte in real time, there doesn't seem to be an end to it. Describing the technical features of these breakthroughs isn't likely to obtain you new clients; instead, it's more likely to make them tune out. MSPs need salespeople who are able to "roll with the punches," as the saying goes, and actually make a connection with their client. They'll need to be smart, communicative, persistent, and able to close. One of the best ways to do this is through telling stories.

The Clower Factor

Jerry Clower was a fertilizer salesman in the fifties. He realized that it doesn't matter how good or bad a product is, if you can sell yourself. If he could tell a funny story that endeared the client to him, he was able to close the sale. He got so good at telling anecdotes that he eventually became a highly successful stand-up comedian.

Comedians must communicate a set of ideas to the audience effectively and persistently. In order to make the connection with the audience,they must be able to sell themselves.

When you're interviewing for positions, you need people who are personable, funny, can tell stories, and can close you as an interviewer on one idea or another.

Establishing Success

Five main things you're looking for in all salespeople include: 

  • Professional appearance

  • Intelligence

  • Persistence

  • Storytelling acumen

  • The ability to close

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