Understanding the Risk of Ransomware in Southeast Asia

September 29, 2020

Understanding the Risk of Ransomware in Southeast Asia

By Courtney Heinbach

Ransomware is a global issue that many, if not all within the IT industry know the impact and severity of. However, that doesn’t mean the small businesses in your region are aware of the risk. It’s crucial that managed service providers, system integrators, and all providers in the IT industry keep their clients in the know about the risk of ransomware.

Education is the first step on the path to getting clients to understand the potential impact of a ransomware attack. Some businesses may not know just how serious the risk is, or what it could mean if they fall victim.

We’ve developed an infographic to illustrate the risk of ransomware in Southeast Asia - the likelihood that a business will fall victim, the cost of downtime if they’re infected, and how Southeast Asia differs from global averages. You can review the infographic below and download a print and a digital copy to share with clients to help them understand the risk.

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