The Ultimate Guide To Managed Services Sales (For MSPS)

March 17, 2016

The Ultimate Guide To Managed Services Sales (For MSPS)

By Chris Brunau

Just not a sales guy? You are not alone. In fact, most MSPs have a much stronger technical background than they do in selling. However, if growing the business is important for you, then you’ve got to come up with a sales strategy. While some growth may occur organically, this isn’t going to guarantee you consistent new business, even if you deliver the best services in town.

Below are some great sales tips pulled from a panel of successful MSPs to help you get started.

  • Build Sales Expertise: There are two ways to build sales expertise—hire someone with sales experience or train existing staff to sell like a pro. If you’re getting serious about sales and growth, hiring a skilled sales staff can make a big difference. However, many new shops can’t afford to hire new employees. If that is the case, MSPs need to identify and train sales representatives from within. Who knows, you might just have a sales rockstar within your reach and you don’t even know it.
  • Select and Train Sales Staff: Not everyone can succeed as a sales rep, just as not everyone can succeed in a technical career. Whether you are hiring a new salesperson or transitioning a current employee into a sales role, you should look for specific qualities that indicate they will be likely to succeed.
  • Develop a Sales Process: Sometimes referred to as a sales pipeline, is another essential step towards sales success. The specifics will differ from business to business, but generally, a sales process is a repeatable set of steps salespeople follow to move potential clients from a prospect to a customer. The stages of the sales process typically include lead generation, initial contact, technical presentation and closing.
  • Track Sales Progress To Hit Goals: Tracking sales daily, weekly and quarterly, ensures that potential opportunities do not slip through the cracks. It’s also the most effective way to hit goals. Meeting goals is the measure of sales success — setting and tracking progress toward goals is the standard and most effective way to ensure sales accountability.

Sales is the most effective way to ensure predictable growth for your MSP business, and developing a sales process that works is essential. However, the right sales process will vary from business to business and even from rep to rep.

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