The MSP Guide To Stopping Crypto Ransomware Infections In SMBs

May 31, 2016

The MSP Guide To Stopping Crypto Ransomware Infections In SMBs

By Chris Brunau

Ransomware is running rampant and making headlines left and right. To better equip MSPs to protect their clients, Datto has partnered with Webroot to produce 16 easy actions to defeat ransomware.

The MSP Guide: Stopping Crypto Ransomware Infections in SMBs highlights protection tips, tools, and more to give you the edge on ransomware. The white paper explores ways to protect SMBs from crypto ransomware attacks through business continuity and disaster recovery to more completely secure IT environments.

Without adequate safeguards, the damage from a ransomware attack can be devastating as in the case of the recent breach at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. For SMBs, such an attack could put them out of business permanently. We are no longer talking about a few PCs being compromised but instead entire networks. The white paper gives an overview of some of the most prolific forms of ransomware and how to protect against them.

To learn more about business continuity for SMBs, creating and testing policies, and handling ransomware infections, download the white paper.

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