Technical Tips for Utilizing Datto’s Partner Resources

March 18, 2016

Technical Tips for Utilizing Datto’s Partner Resources

By Chris Brunau

In this week’s Datto Technical Podcast, Jackson Camp, Technical Trainer, and Kevin Williams, Partner Success Technician, discuss some great resources available to Datto partners.

These include the Datto Academy, the Knowledge Base, and the Datto Partner Community Forum. Here’s a quick overview of each of these resources:

Datto Academy: The Academy is a wonderful learning management system for partners. The Academy not only contains great further learning resources, but also foundation items our partners are used to accessing in the academy.

Knowledge Base: This is a great resource for Datto partners to troubleshoot minor issues they may run into. There’s a full catalog of documentation that will demonstrate technical procedures and protocols. In addition, there are some basic guidelines to walk you through the configuration process.

The Partner Community Forum: The is our newest resource. This is a great place to discuss issues or even suggestions that you may have with your peers and with Datto. This is a great medium for the community to grow and connect with Datto employees and partners. The forum gives us a great opportunity to speak to partners and get their feedback.

For more tips to help get the most out of the resources Datto has to offer, listen to the podcast now.

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