Synergenics Keeps Small Businesses Secure With The S3X1

November 25, 2016

Synergenics Keeps Small Businesses Secure With The S3X1

By Chris Brunau

Synergenics has been providing IT services to small businesses in Ontario since 1989. Through the evolution of the technical age, Synergenics moved from break-fix to a managed IT services model five years ago. While expanding their IT offering, they chose to partner with Datto for business continuity solutions.

At Synergenics, their customer base is unique. They cater to small businesses that produce high volumes of data each day. It often proved difficult to fit those businesses with a storage device that was large enough to protect all of their data while still remaining within their price range.

Datto’s commitment to the IT Channel and innovative product line is largely why the IT services company chose to partner with them according to Jason Hunter, General Manager at Synergenics. The recent release of Datto’s SIRIS 3 X1 (S3X1), is an example of one of the innovations that gives Synergenics the ability to meet all of their customer needs.

Datto’s SIRIS 3X1 is a 1TB, all-flash backup and disaster recovery device featuring a 16GB inline RAM, and a dual core Intel processor. Identical to the company’s original SIRIS solution, the S3X1 supports both physical and virtual environments, hybrid virtualization, agentless or agent-based backups, and is integrated with the Datto Cloud.

To learn more about how the S3X1 helps Synergenics, read the full success story

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