Strange Bedfellows: Managed Print Services And BCDR

March 15, 2016

Strange Bedfellows: Managed Print Services And BCDR

By Andrew Burton

The transition from break-fix to MSP can be a tough one, because it requires a cultural shift within your organization as well as a complete rework of day-to-day operations. Our partners frequently express the need for help with this process, so we recently dedicated an ebook to the topic called *appropriately* “From Break-fix to MSP: Tips from MSPs Who’ve (Successfully) Made the Jump.”

However, if you are already delivering managed services, adding new services to your portfolio can be an easier task. Not to say that it doesn’t require effort—there’s a learning curve with any new technology, of course—but you won’t have to completely rethink your business. The trick is finding services that make sense among your current offerings. Sometimes overlaps between services are obvious, but they may occur in areas that you might not initially expect. For example, we’ve recently seen interest in Datto products among managed print service providers. 

Managed print, huh? Who’d a thunk it? Not this blogger, but on a closer look it started to make more sense.

Print remains an important function among businesses today. According to a recent CompTIA report, 98 percent of U.S. workers printed at least once quarterly. However, the report also showed a slow decline in aggregate print volume year over year. So, managed print shops are diversifying their services to stem future print business losses. Right? But why BCDR?

According to a 2015 Quocirca survey, security is the top issue driving adoption of managed print services (MPS) today. IT security threats continue to rise and printers are as vulnerable as any other networked device. Seventy-five percent of respondents indicated that security was an important or very important factor in their decision to adopt managed print services; and 70 percent of respondents reported at least one printer-related data loss incident in the past year. If security is a top concern among clients, perhaps data protection is as well.

If you are currently delivering IT managed services, keep your eyes open out there. Today’s businesses have a diverse array of IT needs. You may find business in unlikely places, and overlaps between service offerings can present opportunities for growth. Plus, your clients already trust your ability to deliver quality service, and that’s half the battle.

Have you found business where client needs overlap? Let us know in the comments.

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