Social Media Made MSPeasy: Quick Tips For Twitter

May 01, 2017

Social Media Made MSPeasy: Quick Tips For Twitter

By Chris Brunau

What are 140 characters worth to you? Most likely, more than you think. In a recent article by Forbes, it was reported that 72 percent of followers were more likely to make a purchase after engaging with a brand on Twitter. Search Engine People also reported that 70 percent of small businesses are on Twitter. When taking into account just how popular this microblogging platform has become among consumers, those 140 characters can become quite valuable to your business.

Some of the most successful Twitter accounts out there right now might shock you. In a recent Hubspot article, you’ll find a toilet paper manufacturer listed alongside a B2B technical support company as some of the most successful profiles. Their secret? They’ve built a unique voice that resonates with their audience and keeps them engaged. As an MSP, you can most definitely do the same.

First up, create your profile. Some quick tips:

  • Create a handle that includes your company name.
  • Your profile picture should be your company logo.
  • Be creative with your cover photo, but make it relatable to your brand. Check out Datto’s profile as an example.
  • Include a link to your website in your bio.
  • Start following some small business profiles.
  • Start following some industry influencer profiles.
  • Extra: Check out this popular tutorial.

To learn more about all things social media, including more tips for Twitter, Facebook, and more, download our eBook: Social Media Made MSPeasy.

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