Soaring High With Datto And CTTS

Dec 22, 2016

Soaring High With Datto And CTTS

BY Chris Brunau

Business Continuity

Datto is a premier backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution that is second to none, according to Kurt Rinear, Director of Technical Services at Central Texas Technology Solutions (CTTS).

Founded in 2002, CTTS is a complete technology solution provider offering a range of services to clients throughout Central Texas. Concentrating on providing an exceptional client experience, CTTS’s outstanding staff uses Datto to protect their clients’ data and IT infrastructure.

One of their clients is Murphy Acquisitions. They are a small aircraft research and sales organization that relies on a specialized database to conduct business all over the world. To protect this data, they brought CTTS onboard in early 2016. CTTS quickly installed a new server and protected it with a Datto device. And it was a good thing they did. Shortly after the arrival of CTTS, Murphy experienced a power failure which could have been devastating. 

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