So Happy Together - Datto & Autotask Partner Programs

June 26, 2018

So Happy Together - Datto & Autotask Partner Programs

By Samantha Ciaccia

At Datto, setting our partners up for success is our top priority. That means providing resources and tools to help grow your business, from all angles.

Since the merger with Autotask, the Datto Partner Marketing Team has been working diligently to integrate our partner programs to provide the best tools for our partners to build their brand, generate more leads, and close more deals. We’re tackling this in a phased approach, and it’s very important to us that you’re aware of these pivotal updates, as we progress.

In March 2018, phase one of the integration shared key benefits of each program with both partner communities. We expanded our MDF Program, Referral Program, and Partner Club Trip contest. We developed brand new end user case study templates and press release templates for you to leverage. We also launched comprehensive sales playbooks and toolkits for BCDR, AWP, and AEB products.

Today, we’re excited to announce these key updates as we continue the integration.

NFR Program - Now includes Datto Networking products, where you have access to heavily discounted hardware for your own internal use and to demo in pre and post sales efforts.

MarketNow - Assets and collateral have almost DOUBLED, as we've imported all legacy Autotask content.

SIRIS Contest - Monthly and quarterly contest running from July through the end of the year. New 2018 partners with the highest number of SIRIS devices can win a Visa gift card.

Sales Enablement - Sales and Marketing jumpstart sessions leveraging new toolkits to help accelerate sales for AWP and AEB.

Datto Partners can learn more about these updates here.

What’s Next?

We will be launching a completely revamped and fully merged Datto Partner Program - coming soon in 2019. We welcome your feedback on the partner program and encourage you to reach out to with any thoughts you’d like to share or questions you have.  

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