Selling BCDR Made MSPeasy

Dec 03, 2019

Selling BCDR Made MSPeasy

BY Chris Brunau

MSP Sales & Marketing

Many managed service providers (MSPs) struggle with communicating the value of a true business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution to their small business clients and/or prospects. 

In a recent survey of 1,600 MSPs, justifying the cost of BCDR was one of the top business pain points. So, what’s the deal? 

For starters, many business owners don’t understand how a BCDR solution differs from traditional backup. The more cost-conscious business owner may find it difficult to justify spending more for data protection than they have in previous years, particularly when they’ve never suffered any severe data loss or outages. 

Then there are those individuals who have no idea what cybersecurity or ransomware means (or why they should care). Sigh. That being said, in order to nail the BCDR pitch, MSPs must take the time to nurture their customers and prospects with educational content. 

In our new eBook, you’ll learn how to explain the benefits of a fully managed BCDR solution over traditional backup products, from successful MSPs who’ve got it down to a science. You’ll also learn real-world examples on how BCDR products can reduce the financial impact of an outage (i.e. business downtime) and access a 1-page pitch script for arguing your case. Download it today

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