Top Tips for selecting an RMM product

November 12, 2018

Top Tips for selecting an RMM product

By Chris Brunau

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software is widely considered essential for MSPs. As such, deploying RMM software is a top recommendation for IT providers as they transition from delivering break-fix support to managed services.

“RMM and PSA are the foundation of managed services,” said Jordi Tejero, owner of CRS Technology Consultants, a Florida-based MSP. Vince Tinnirello, the CEO of a Colorado based MSP called Anchor Network Solutions, said RMM and PSA are the most important important tools for delivering managed services. Jeff Cohn, Principal of ADNET Technologies, a New York based managed service provider, agreed. “You can’t run an MSP without them,” he said.

In our new eBook, we’re diving into what you should consider when selecting an RMM product. Plus, you’ll find advice from industry-leading MSPs on using RMM to increase operational efficiency and drive revenue. Whether you are just getting started with managed services or are currently evaluating new RMM software, this eBook is for you. Download your copy of RMM Made MSPeasy today.

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