Ransomware Attacks to Increase in Healthcare Industry

April 24, 2017

Ransomware Attacks to Increase in Healthcare Industry

By Chris Brunau

As if the healthcare industry wasn’t getting hit hard enough by ransomware already, according to new research, attacks are expected to quadruple by 2020.

The Herjavec Group recently published their findings in a report, and well, it doesn’t look good. Although the increase of digitization of information in the healthcare industry makes things more convenient and accessible, it also creates a new threat. Cybercriminals are waiting to sink their teeth into this new prey, and it’s likely to affect thousands of innocent people.

According to the report, hospitals are vulnerable because they must retain highly sensitive, personal information and often rely on outdated systems. Due to these vulnerabilities, many hospitals must pay ransoms to avoid patient data from falling into the wrong hands.

As we saw in 2016, ransomware hit hospitals all over the United States, with devastating effects. From Hollywood Presbyterian paying nearly $17,000 after a ransomware attack in February 2016, or Kansas Heart Hospital receiving multiple ransom demands in a single attack.

Education is likely the healthcare industry's best friend in the fight against ransomware. If you’re looking to learn more about all things cybersecurity, check out Datto’s Cybersecurity Made MSPeasy Toolkit. This features four eBooks that cover every angle of cybersecurity, including ransomware. You’ll learn about how ransomware protection and recovery, findings from our ransomware report, a simple guide to the common types of ransomware, and more!

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