Ransomware Attack Targeting Google AdSense

February 18, 2020

Ransomware Attack Targeting Google AdSense

By Chris Brunau

A new ransomware scheme is making the rounds by targeting Google AdSense accounts. The cybercriminals behind these attacks threaten to flood ads with bot traffic, which would trigger Google’s anti-fraud systems to suspend the account. According to reports, the attackers are demanding around $5,000 worth of bitcoin for ransom.

Google says it has extensive tools and processes to protect against invalid traffic across its products, and that most invalid traffic is filtered from its systems before advertisers and publishers are ever impacted. Victims of this scheme can contact Google to report invalid bot traffic to avoid account suspension.

This is a reminder of the growing threat of ransomware as cyber attackers are moving beyond their typical targets of small businesses and casting a wider net. Whether it’s a SaaS provider outage or a targeted ransomware attack, it’s more important than ever for businesses to protect their data on all fronts.

Datto SaaS Protection creates an independent second copy of SaaS data. The benefits are two-fold:

  1. For the purpose of protecting SaaS files and emails against any form of data loss, from ransomware to accidental deletion
  2. Allowing users to access critical documents while the app is down. SaaS backup data stored in Datto’s private cloud can be restored en masse or granularly.

Third-party SaaS backup tools like Datto SaaS Protection deliver scalable management of SaaS backups and document access across all of your users during a data loss incident or app outage.

See for yourself and sign up for a free customized demo.

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