How A Health Care Agency Achieves Total Data Protection

April 06, 2016

How A Health Care Agency Achieves Total Data Protection

By Chris Brunau

Invenio IT is a managed service provider (MSP) who, across the last 15+ years, has become an IT leader in the New York area. Their presence has become so well-known that it’s not uncommon for them to take on clients in different regions. Principal and co-founder, Dale Shulmistra, serves as Invenio IT’s business continuity specialist. Shulmistra has become a thought-leader in the business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) space, well-known for frequently publishing his insights on the industry.

Pediatric Home Service (PHS) is one client in particular who came across Invenio IT’s best practice content. Rick Mueller, head of IT services at PHS needed an MSP who could support their 24/7 IT infrastructure. Mueller had also heard about Datto’s powerful solutions and wanted to work with a provider who offered Datto.

The team at PHS offers home-based health care for children with the goal of giving them the ability to thrive at home with their family and friends, rather than in a hospital. The nurses at PHS work around-the-clock to give children 24/7 diagnostic monitoring. This dedication and service requires each nurse work on a Google Chromebook in the field and chart health data into electronic medical records. The records live on PHS’ custom-built software.

The PHS team relies on Google Apps data at all times of day; logging in to their Google Apps accounts in the field. The headquarters for PHS is also home to all of their application servers, database servers, and their Citrix environment. For this reason, Mueller needed to work with an MSP who could protect all of their data, no matter where it lived, all the time.

For more on how Datto’s total data protection delivers Uptime for Invenio and PHS, download our success story.

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