[Podcast] Technical Tips for Interacting with Tech Support

December 18, 2015

[Podcast] Technical Tips for Interacting with Tech Support

By Kevin Williams

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Today we’re focusing on the partner’s interaction with Technical Support. In our experience working in tech support, we noticed how Partners would open tickets and the details used to describe the nature of the problem they were having. The amount of detail that does go into the ticket, especially in the beginning can definitely affect how long and the overall quality of the experience that you go through. We suggest being as clear as possible about your expectations and that you and support are working together to understand everything from the beginning to end. Communication is really the key there.

Let’s discuss what you can do before opening a ticket. We touched on this briefly in our last podcast, but the number one thing would be the knowledge base. The knowledge base is an excellent repository for information on almost every issue we’ve ever seen. We have an incredible amount of articles which are reviewed constantly. The information is always up-to-date. It’s worth regular checks to see if your issue is included in a KB article.

Additionally, if there were ever tickets that had been opened in the past that may associate to this issue, I would always refer to those, because there may be troubleshooting steps that either a technician had done in the past, or a technician had recommended to you.

Once you do deem it necessary to go ahead and open a ticket, we wanted to give you some tips as to what information you can provide us to ensure a good experience. First off, any background information about the environment, including hardware specs of the production unit you’re working with, the network environment, even the server’s function itself. Is it an SQL database? Is it an exchange server? Is it a domain controller? All of these elements really play into how the ticket is going to be handled going forward.

Let’s give you more background on what makes up support.  What makes us 24/7. A pro tip I’d say would be, whenever you’re opening a ticket, your technician is going to respond. Hey, I’ve been assigned your ticket. I’m going to be looking into this shortly. If you look at the signature, you’ll actually take note as to what their hours are. Perfect example, let’s say you’re Pacific time and you’re working with a technician that might work 8:00 to 4:30, Eastern Time. That might not work for you. You might want someone that’s working around your business hours.  You definitely want to keep in mind your technician’s hours, because you can request to work with someone from 11:00 to 7:30 Eastern Time, rather than 8:00 to 4:30. Even if you want someone from overnight because you only work 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m, you can definitely request that and we will accommodate it for you, just so you have the coverage when you need it.

To tie it all together, despite the fact that you all are technicians as well as Datto Tech Support, we’re partners. It’s a partnership. In order to really fulfill that partnership, communication is really our biggest thing.

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