[Podcast] Technical Tips for Disaster Recovery and Virtualization

February 05, 2016

[Podcast] Technical Tips for Disaster Recovery and Virtualization

By Chris Brunau

In this week’s Datto Technical Podcast we’re going to run through some of the aspects of virtualization and how to help users return to production. Kevin Williams and Liz Stropole, Partner Success Technicians on Datto’s Technical Support team, will share some of their knowledge to help you through the process.

For this podcast, we’re focusing on downed servers and the process of getting things back to normal. Kevin and Liz will run you through all the aspects of virtualization, and how you can successfully get things back up to normal through your Datto device.

Of course, a best practice is to regularly test your virtualization so you’ll be experienced and ready when disaster strikes, and to set accurate expectations for your clients regarding the time to return to production. Through testing you will also have the proper resources in place to get you through the entire process of virtualization.

In this podcast, Kevin and Liz will go over some great tips for partners when providing information during a support session with one of our technical support experts:

  • The affected server
  • That server’s role
  • What caused it to go down?
  • What are the plans for getting it back up and running?

On top of these quick points, it will also help support if they know if you’ve had a few hardware failures, or if you want to use the Datto to do a P2V conversion, or if it’s only a hard drive that went down and you’re looking to run off the Datto for a couple days until you get a new piece of hardware or even a new server.

If the technical support expert has this information at their fingertips early on in the support call, they’ll be readily equipped to properly handle your situation.

For even more great information from our partner success technicians, check out the latest podcast here.

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