[Podcast] Datto Tech Support Across the Globe

May 20, 2016

[Podcast] Datto Tech Support Across the Globe

By Melissa Stanton

<p>Datto is Datto, regardless of office location. However, there are some differing tips, tricks and insight that Will West, Tech Support Supervisor in the UK, can offer. </p>
<p><strong>What are some of the differences that you have noticed between the UK and US Datto offices?</strong><br>
“Well,” Will says, “apart from the obvious size difference ... From what I understand with speaking to people, we’re kind of like what the US office was a few years ago, five years ago or something like that. We’re kind of the child of you guys, still learning from you, but very much the same feel. I think because we’re a smaller team, it’s a bit easier to communicate between departments because we’re all in the same room, the same floor, but the overall feel is still very much Datto, regardless of where you are.”</p>
<p><strong>You had interest in IT at such a young age, how did you make the jump to Datto? What caught your eye? </strong><br>
“Well,” Will says, “I didn’t really get into the IT world as far as work goes until I was 30. Most of my twenties, my career was a heavy metal band touring around Britain, and we did quite well. You could buy our album on iTunes and Amazon and all that for a while. We were in a couple of magazines, and that was going really, really well. Eventually, it fizzled out a bit and I lost the passion for it, so I thought, “Well, what do I really love doing? IT kind of based stuff. I went back to college, did a couple of years of an IT course just so I could get a bit of paper that said I could do it, and then I started looking for work. The second interview I had was with this new start-up company in Aberdeen, where I’m from called Peridean. They were the UK’s official licensed reseller of Datto. The difference in the technology from what you could do from standard back-ups was really interesting, and it was also a new challenge in the fact that I’d always been a Windows man growing up, so having to use these different technologies, Linux, ZFS, VirtualBox. It was a new world to me, so it was a bunch of new challenges, and I thought it would be nice to take a chance with this small company thinking I could maybe climb the ladder a little bit quicker, as well. It kind of started off from there, really.”<br>
From a UK support standpoint, what would you say is one of the bigger things that you see a lot of our partners calling in about or issues that they might have that you’ve seen more frequently, if anything?</strong><br>
Will says, “A common issue that’s always been there, a high one on the list of common issues that goes as far back as I can remember, it’s always been a device running out of space. Quite often, it’s because a device was undersized, and not necessarily through someone’s fault. It can often be because maybe the site has some growth, and now that has to be taken into consideration. Some businesses have a growth spurt. They don’t realize that, and then the device blows up because it’s protecting too much data. Sometimes some data is missed when it’s being provided for the sizing of the device before putting it in. There can be retention settings. People underestimate the importance of all of the retention settings. For example, people focus on the delete settings. They think, “Well, that’s deleting data. If I shorten that one, that can free up space,” but a really important one to remember is the daily settings, because you’ve taken maybe ten back-ups that day, and you’ve got this setting to set a month. That’s ten back-ups a day for a month that you’re not deleting. That’s a lot. If you change that to a few days, you can free up a lot of data while still keeping that long setting that deletes the older snapshots.”</p>
<p>To learn more about Will West’s interesting background in music and video games, <a href="/podcast/listen/datto-tech-support-across-the-globe">listen to the entire podcast</a>.</p>

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