Outstanding Partners Recognized At DattoCon16

June 23, 2016

Outstanding Partners Recognized At DattoCon16

By Chris Brunau

Another successful DattoCon is in the books and we have some awards to announce from last night! Recognizing our partners is hands down one of the highlights of DattoCon for us.

Let’s take a look at the winners of the Golden Datto at DattoCon16:

  • Partner of the Year: MIRUS IT(EMEA), CentreRED IT (ANZ), Acumen IT (US), Fully Managed (CAN)
    • These partners have made a commitment to Datto and support Datto in the promotion of Datto products. They are true advocates for Datto and have contributed significantly to our success.
  • Pioneer of the year: GEEK Pty Limited
    • A new award for 2016. This partner is blazing a new path for Datto as we continue our rapid growth. Datto recently entered the ANZ market, and Geek had the courage to forge new ground. They were not only the first adopters, but were integral in spreading Datto to peer groups, user communities and the ANZ channel.
  • Community Partner of the Year: Jeremy Koellish (TekTegrity) & Steve Weeks (Netcetera)
    • These partners went above and beyond to support the Datto Partner Community and the overall IT community. Both TekTegrity and Netcetera were involved in peer networking groups, and managed service provider community organizations. They were also both often called on to mentor new Datto partners, and were always willing to do so.
  • Innovator of the Year: Medicus Solutions
    • This partner found an innovative way to promote the value of business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) to a specific vertical. The real-world scenarios they use to show the need for BCDR have helped them win business, grow their organization and become a thought leader for that specific vertical.
  • Breakout Partner of the Year: EDTS, LLC.
    • This award goes to a long-time Datto partner that sold the most Datto devices within a 12-month period, from June 1, 2015 to June 1, 2016.
  • Fastest Growing Datto Partner of the Year: STC Network Services, Inc.
    • This award goes to a partner that has joined within the last 12 months and sold the most Datto devices.
  • Largest Datto Fleet: Liptak Dental Services, Inc.
    • This award recognizes the partner with the most active Datto devices as of June 1, 2016.
  • Datto Hall of Fame Inductees: Cole Informatics, AIR Technology Services, Righthand IT Solutions, Huntington Technology, Unified Network Group
    • This award recognizes active partners who have been with Datto since our early days. These partners have the earliest sign on date and have maintained a Premier or Elite status in our Partner Plus Program.
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