MSP Q&A: How BCDR Sells in a Pandemic

September 11, 2020

MSP Q&A: How BCDR Sells in a Pandemic

By Courtney Heinbach

As the volume of cyberattacks continues to rise during the global pandemic, reliable business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions are crucial for managed service providers (MSPs) and the small and medium businesses (SMBs) they serve. But is it more challenging to make a case for BCDR in an economic downturn? We asked Liam MacKay, Director/Senior Consultant, at SiteSupport IT Consultants, in Emerald, Australia, to discuss how he's approached selling BCDR in a pandemic.

Q: How long have you offered Datto BCDR, and what made you invest in a continuity solution for your clients?

We've offered BCDR to our clients since June 2020. Before we partnered with Datto, we struggled to find a reliable provider in this space regarding sales, support, and functionality. Our previous provider failed us, and we had recently been through an unpleasant situation with a client where backups were compromised and not recoverable. We currently use Datto's solution to protect our company's data as well as our clients'.

Q: Do you find BCDR easy to sell to your clients? What helps your clients understand its value?

While all of our clients appreciate the value, the monthly costs are always a stumbling point. Taking an idea from a Datto webinar, we started breaking the price down to a daily amount. We explain that daily expenses are about what the client might spend on coffee each day. We also often end a detailed letter explaining the risks of not having a BCDR solution if a ransomware attack or other issue occurs.

Client relationships are also crucial as part of our sales process. SMBs look to us as trusted advisors, and the fact that we are using Datto BCDR ourselves encourages them to utilise the same effective solution.

We have found that clients who understand the value of both their data and time are the ones most likely to get onboard.

Q: How has the global health crisis impacted your business, particularly in selling BCDR?

Fortunately, we haven't been as severely affected in our area as others. I was surprised at the uptake and buy-in, considering the uncertain business environment. However, the sudden change in our day to day lives and shift to remote work probably contributed to clients looking to mitigate future risk and ensure their data was protected.

Q: How do you anticipate your BCDR sales to fluctuate moving forward as the global economy evolves with the state of the pandemic? Do you expect sales to increase, stay the same, or go down, and why?

As we have almost maxed out our current client base with BCDR, I expect our sales will begin to keep pace with new client acquisition. Overall, I think that businesses are starting to become more aware of BCDR as a necessary solution. They all know that they need backups but can often see discussions about backup as too challenging on a technical level. Offering a premium product that does what it says out of the box and helps them sleep at night, even though it is another cost to their business, is becoming more acceptable. They are starting to see it as an investment, not just a price. The proliferation of ransomware is certainly adding weight to the discussion, as human error, such as a staff member clicking suspicious email links, continues to be a problem. The promise to recover quickly with minimal interruption is becoming more appealing and more appreciated.

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