Merry CryptoLocker - Datto Saves the Vacation

Dec 25, 2017

Merry CryptoLocker - Datto Saves the Vacation

BY Katie Thornton

Business Continuity

As the owner of a small IT shop, Don Beller of Your IT Guy often finds it difficult to get away with the family for a little R&R. With over 25 years of IT experience, providing network design, IT consulting, cabling services, and desktop and server support, Beller has many loyal clients that rely on his services on a daily basis. That’s why he decided to take a vacation over the holidays, a time when business needs tend to slow down. The Beller family headed to Colorado for a few days of skiing. The vacation was going well until one morning, when Beller received a frantic call from a client about 1500 miles away.

“My client decided to click on an email they should not have and infected not only their PC, but also data on the network drive,” says Beller. His customer, a national landscape architecture firm, had contracted CryptoLocker, the ransomware trojan, which encrypted network files. Although this virus is readily removed, files remain encrypted in a way which is considered infeasible to break. Historically, paying the ransom is the only way to recover files that had not been backed up. Despite being so far away, Beller remained unruffled. “I was able to calm them down and assure them all would be good due to the fact that we had a Datto backup solution in place.”

Beller remoted into the customer’s network, deleted the compromised data, mounted his restore point and moved the data back to the network. “I was able to clean up the virus by deleting all of the files that were infected and restoring the information straight from the Datto product,” says Beller. “Within an hour all was well in the world again.” The best part of the story? Don didn’t miss any time on the slopes. “I was able to finish my vacation knowing that I could successfully support my clients’ needs because Datto has my back!”

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