Marketing Made MSPeasy: Outbound Marketing

June 28, 2016

Marketing Made MSPeasy: Outbound Marketing

By Chris Brunau

Despite the relentless growth of inbound marketing, it shouldn’t be the only piece of your marketing plan. The most effective modern marketing programs involve combining a mix of both inbound and outbound marketing techniques. There are a number of popular options on the traditional outbound side that can yield impressive results. In our eBook: Marketing Made MSPeasy, we’ve collected a group of experts from successful MSP businesses and asked them to share their thoughts on all things marketing. Here’s what they had to say about outbound marketing.


One of the most effective is word of mouth. People are more likely to do business with you if someone they trust has recommended you. Putting together a referral program can be one of your most lucrative tactics. Preferred IT Group developed a referral program that generated $250K in gross sales in one quarter. “We offered anyone referring a prospect to us to be entered into a drawing for a 60 inch LED Smart TV,” said Jason Horne, co-founder of the Preferred IT Group. “They received one entry for every referral. We used HubSpot to promote the program via social media. We also sent out reminders in our monthly and quarterly newsletters.”

Vince Tinnirello, CEO of Anchor Network Solutions, says the key to a successful referral program is to make sure you’re offering something of value. “You have to have something in place that actually makes it worth the referrers time,” he said. “You can’t give them a $25 Starbucks card. We’ll give the referring client either a free month of support or a credit on their bill.”


Organizing events can be another good way to reach your potential prospects. “The most successful outbound campaigns we’ve done are co-branded vendor events,” says Jennifer Watkins, Marketing Manager at Blackpoint IT Services. “We’ve done CFO Golf Days, and taken prospects and clients to sporting events. We also do a bi-annual Tech Fair with our vendors that has proven monumentally successful for us. We do demos during the event, but it’s mostly breakout sessions to facilitate discussion and growth.”

Newsletters and Emails

Brian Dunn, Director of Marketing at SWK Technologies, has found the tried and true newsletter to be an effective way to reach clients and prospects.

“We send out newsletters with lots of information but they aren’t necessarily ‘salesy,’” Dunn says. “That generates leads by farming our own client base. The newsletters also educate our customers so they’re aware of new technologies or solutions that they don’t currently own or use. We’ll also do targeted email blasts to companies in specific industries.”

“Our quarterly printed newsletter has been a big hit,” agrees Horne. “It’s a great place to start to promote your business to current clients and prospects.”

Talks and Presentations

Dunn has used a variety of outbound tactics including daily email blasts, nurture email campaigns, trade shows, and customer events but recently found another way to reach potential clients.

“Our most successful tool lately has been doing talks and presentation,” Dunn says. “For example, for one of the industries we’re targeting, our CTO gave a talk to an industry group and it really raised our profile. We’ve gotten several leads out of it.

“Selecting an industry and working with their trade associations to get speaking engagements can really work,” he says. “For our software division, we go after manufacturers and get in front of their industry associations and speak at events and trade shows. Instead of casting a wide net we’re using a fishing hook. And those are the exact kind of “fish” we’re going for.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your marketing game, we’ve made it simple for you in our eBook. Download Marketing Made MSPeasy to learn about outbound and inbound marketing, easy lead generation, SEO strategies and more!

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