Lead Generation Made MSPeasy: Optimize Your Website With Search Engine Optimization

March 23, 2017

Lead Generation Made MSPeasy: Optimize Your Website With Search Engine Optimization

By Chris Brunau

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a game changer for your company. Your company can have the best product, service, and price, but if prospects can't find you when they're searching online, they'll never know. 

SEO uses a combination of both technical and creative elements to improve a website's rankings in search engine results, which drives site traffic and increases brand awareness. 

SEO keywords are relevant words and phrases in your content. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl sites in order to find the most relevant web pages for a given search query. So, if you are an IT service provider who serves Massachusetts' South Shore, for example, you need to have those keywords in your content. 

Consider your audience when keyword planning. For example, your potential prospects might be searching for things like: IT help for small businesses, IT consultant, IT services, etc. There are a number of online research tools that can help you create a list of keywords to target, including: Moz Keyword Explorer, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Keywordtool.io, and the SEMrush Keyword Research Tool. 

Your SEO efforts will drive traffic to your site. Once they land there, make sure you've provided ways to capture contact information from visitors so you can continue engaging with them. As noted at the start of the ebook, offering gated content is a popular approach. Another tactic to gather contact information from leads is through the use of "exit intent" pop-ups, which appear on screen just when a visitor is about to leave your site. Let's say someone finds a blog post on your site via Google search. The post may be interesting to them, but it's not likely they are familiar with your site or what your business offers. A well-designed exit intent popup encourages a conversion or a further page view on your site. 

Finally, use Google Analytics to monitor the number of pageviews to your site over time. Use this number to gage what is garnering the most attention (and also what is pulling the least amount of attention). These stats will help you understand the interests of your audience and craft valuable content they want to read

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