Keeping The Lights On With Business Continuity

March 14, 2016

Keeping The Lights On With Business Continuity

By Chris Brunau

‘If our partners succeed, we succeed.’ That’s the motto of RAD Solutions, and they stand by it.

With decades of experience in the technology industry, the team at RAD Solutions and their clients have seen it all. Recently, a serious disaster struck one of their clients, Waldmann Lighting, prompting RAD Solutions to move them from simple backup to a complete business continuity solution.

When an electrical wave hit them, a power surge immediately and completely destroyed their server. At the time, Waldmann Lighting was backing up their server with Symantec. This proved limiting as the majority of their backups were destroyed during the surge. The business recovery capability they desperately needed to move forward was missing.

After a painstaking process to get their client back to business, RAD knew they needed a new solution. After thoroughly reviewing vendors, Datto’s partnership won them over.

RAD Solutions looked to Datto to offer their clients a more timely recovery option. Waldmann Lighting is among the many clients they have armed with Datto’s powerful solutions. Specifically, they are using the SIRIS Enterprise. The Datto SIRIS currently backs up Waldmann Lighting’s server, as well as personal workstations for the company’s 50 employees.

Thanks to Datto, RAD Solutions offers incomparable business continuity to their customers. For more on how Datto can keep your company safe, download our success story.

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