Improving MSP Security and Efficiency with Datto RMM

December 10, 2020

Improving MSP Security and Efficiency with Datto RMM

By Adrian Luh

With more employees working from home and the threat of cyber attacks on the rise, it is more complicated and critical than ever for managed service providers (MSPs) to effectively support their clients.

Cyber threats are everywhere, and customers rely on MSPs to protect them and keep their businesses running. Endpoints, networks, users, and cloud services all need to be monitored, supported, and secured. It’s no longer enough just to know what’s on the network—as an MSP, you need to understand the relationships between these devices and services to keep your customers up and running. A changing world requires a flexible RMM solution, and Datto RMM is at the forefront of innovation. Releases are developed based on Datto partner feedback with those key tenets in mind, and the latest release to Datto RMM is no exception—it provides a multitude of usability, efficiency, and security enhancements. Here’s a quick overview of some of Datto RMM’s newest features.

RMM Ransomware Detection

RMM platforms have always played a critical role in helping MSPs keep their clients secure with real-time monitoring and software patching to keep devices secure from known vulnerabilities. The latest release to Datto RMM enhances its threat detection capabilities with native RMM Ransomware Detection that monitors for the existence of crypto-ransomware on the endpoint using proprietary behavioural analysis of files. Once ransomware is detected, Datto RMM immediately takes action to respond to and contain the threat, enabling MSPs to:

  • Receive immediate notification when ransomware is detected. Instead of waiting for a user to report the issue, Datto RMM will automatically notify technicians the moment files are encrypted with ransomware. Additionally, integrations with key MSP tools, such as PSA, ensure the right resources can be notified and tickets created immediately.
  • Prevent the spread of ransomware through network isolation. Once ransomware is detected, Datto RMM can automatically attempt to terminate the ransomware process and isolate the affected device from the network to stop the malware from spreading.
  • Remediate issues remotely. Devices automatically isolated from the network still maintain contact with Datto RMM, allowing technicians to take effective action to resolve the issue.
  • Recover with Datto Continuity products. When Datto RMM is integrated with Datto business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) products, technicians can quickly recover from the ransomware outbreak by restoring the impacted endpoint to a previous state.

Network Topology

Network and IoT devices are everywhere and need to be managed—and managing the network starts with understanding what’s out there. Datto RMM’s Network Topology Maps help MSPs better manage their clients’ networks by continuously discovering and identifying every device on the network, generating a visual layout of the network to show how devices are connected to each other, and quickly identifying where issues are. Benefits of Network Topology Maps include:

  • Insightful discovery: Instantly view all discovered and managed devices on the network—not just those under management by Datto RMM.
  • Faster troubleshooting: View essential network information at a glance, with open alerts represented on devices and the impact they have on each other. Technicians can quickly navigate to any device, gather critical information, and set up a remote connection with just a single click.
  • Mitigate potential issues: Technicians don’t just see the endpoints by themselves—Datto RMM’s Network Topology Maps illustrate the relationships between all devices on the network, allowing you to gauge the impact of a change before it’s made.

Datto strives to bring forth intelligent business management solutions that improve IT service delivery for MSPs. With a monthly release cycle, Datto RMM continuously delivers innovative capabilities that improve your tech’s efficiency and user satisfaction, reduce customer downtime with powerful security, and increase your ROI. Learn more about Datto RMM with a free demo today.

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