How To Use A Call To Action And Timing To Create The Perfect Email

March 20, 2017

How To Use A Call To Action And Timing To Create The Perfect Email

By Chris Brunau

Email marketing presents a valuable and feasible opportunity for MSPs to build their business and find prospects or upsell to current clients. However, it may be difficult to begin an email campaign from scratch if you don’t have the proper experience. Two key areas to consider are a call to action (CTA) and the timing of your email send. We interviewed some successful MSPs to learn their tips and tricks for using email marketing as a viable source for growing their businesses. Here's what they had to say: 

Use An Effective Call To Action

Just as personalization can be your best friend, a valuable piece of content can do wonders. A call to action (CTA) can be your best friend. A CTA is an instruction that provokes an immediate response such as reading a blog or eBook. By using a CTA, you can drive a prospect or client to additional content from you business, which has been known to turn colder leads into hot ones or create opportunities. Whether the CTA leads the reader to an upcoming webinar, an educational blog post, or a product demo, a CTA keeps all eyes on you and your business.

Timing Is Everything

Now that you’ve put the work into personalization and content, don’t let your hard work go to waste due to the day you choose to send the email. According to research compiled by CoSchedule Blog, the late morning during the midweek is the best time to send emails. This was the general consensus among the partners we spoke with as well.

“I don’t send emails on a Monday or Friday. I just don’t get their attention as much as other days of the work week. Tuesday and Thursdays are good, and I see an even better open rate if we send right before or after the lunch hour,” said Shandi Hogg, Director Of Marketing at Ancero. “I think email gets lost on Mondays and Friday. People are starting their work week and catching up on a swamp of emails and they may already be focused on something else for the upcoming week,” she added.

“When it comes to the day of the week, we’ve been testing around with that, looking for the best balance. Recently, we’ve had success with sending out communications early on Tuesday morning. It’s given us great results on our open and click rates,” said Eric Blake, Principal/VP of Sales at CorCystems. “I generally try to keep communications between Tuesday and Thursday, and avoid anything after work hours,” said Tracy Rock, Director of Marketing at Invenio IT.

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