Protect Remote clients’ Applications with Datto SaaS Protection

April 07, 2020

Protect Remote clients’ Applications with Datto SaaS Protection

By Andrew Burton

The need to quickly enable remote employees to achieve productivity and collaboration is causing a surge in implementation of Office 365 and G Suite.

As you set clients up with Office 365 or G Suite, remember SaaS data is not immune to permanent data loss. Both Microsoft and Google make no guarantees when it comes to restoring inadvertently or maliciously deleted data or cloud data encrypted in a ransomware attack.

With work-from-home being imposed globally, cloud data is at risk more than ever.

Reduce Business Risk with Datto SaaS Protection

An independent backup separated from the SaaS app itself is necessary to avoid the most common data loss pitfalls. Datto SaaS Protection provides simple, automatic backup, three times a day, to the Datto Cloud. With support for Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, Datto SaaS Protection delivers:

  • Automatic backup to the Datto Cloud
  • Point-in-time restore and export
  • Unlimited storage
  • Infinite retention
  • Easy on-boarding
  • 24/7 support

With Datto SaaS Protection, you can be confident that client business data is safe and you can recover it quickly.

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