Maintain SLAs While Supporting Remote Clients

April 06, 2020

Maintain SLAs While Supporting Remote Clients

By Andrew Burton

One of the biggest challenges MSPs face today is providing support for a wide array of devices, as users are forced to work from home (WFH) due to the global health crisis. In many cases, that means clients are working on personal devices that are not connected to their organisation’s network, running a variety of different applications and operating systems, and may not have been kept patched and up-to-date. This presents a massive security and data loss vulnerability.

As an MSP, you are undoubtedly working diligently to address these issues, among others, for your clients. In conversations with partners, the question of whether Datto RMM can be used to help in these efforts has come up frequently. In short: yes it can.

With Datto RMM, MSPs can:

  • Distribute and silently install pre-configured RMM agents via email
  • Install vital business software, like Office 365 and file sync & share, to a distributed, remote workforce
  • Setup Virtual Private Network (VPN) software for secure access behind the corporate firewall
  • Deploy VoIP “softphones” to protect the exposure of end-users’ personal phone numbers
  • Ensure critical patches are in place to reduce vulnerable attack surfaces
  • Receive instant support requests from end-users when trouble is encountered
  • Provide secure, permitted remote support of end-users’ devices
  • Automatically uninstall the RMM agent and business software from end-user devices when “WFH” mandates have been lifted

During this difficult time, Datto is continuing to provide MSPs with the tools and resources they need to run their business effectively. With Datto RMM, MSPs can securely and intuitively manage IT infrastructures from any location.

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