Choosing the Right RMM for Your Business

By Kira Pogge

As a managed service provider (MSP), we understand that one of the challenges you face today is managing and supporting a wide array of devices. With remote work becoming the new normal for so many companies, the need for a market-leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution that can securely, manage all your clients’ endpoints while driving insight, efficiency, and profitability is more important than ever.

Not all RMM solutions are created equal. So how do you choose the right RMM solution to serve you and your clients best?

Here are five things all MSPs should consider when selecting a remote monitoring and management platform for their business:

1. Performance:

The architectural platform an RMM solution is built on impacts how adaptable it can be in the future. Look for an RMM tool whose platform was conceived, designed, and built to be delivered as a true, multi-tenant solution and resides on an elastic cloud architecture. RMM tools built on secure, multi-tenant cloud architectures guarantee increased uptime and higher performance and are therefore preferred.

2. Innovation:

New challenges are always emerging, and solutions are only as good as the problems they solve. With an ever-evolving landscape, MSPs need a vendormpartner who approaches their RMM tool with a flexible, forward-thinking attitude and invests in their platform by optimizing features and delivering new innovation
regularly. Your RMM tool should not only support your IT environment today, but it should also be evolving to support your needs tomorrow.

3. Ease-of-use:

Look for an intuitive solution, purpose-built for MSPs, that enables your employees to take action and make decisions quickly and efficiently. A well-managed RMM platform also sits at the heart of an MSP’s business operations, so to provide maximum benefit, it needs to integrate into other key business systems and be tailored to your specific workflows. Solutions designed based on an understanding of your needs and how your team interacts with the software are more likely to prove successful, expand your service capacity, and increase employee satisfaction.

4. RMM Security

As security threats increase in today’s interconnected world, ensuring your solutions are secure is critical. Inspect the security mechanics of software solutions and the security postures of software vendors. You and your clients have a lot at stake. Find a solution that proactively helps to secure your business and your end-clients.

5. MSP Experience:

There is no one-size-fits-all customer experience offering for MSPs after the initial sale. In order to choose the best solution, take time to learn about each vendor’s view on implementation, training, and best practices. Look for a vendor who recognizes the diversity of business operations and offers various consulting and support services to fit a wide range of scenarios.

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