How MSPs Can Realise a 50% Improvement in Productivity

June 24, 2021

How MSPs Can Realise a 50% Improvement in Productivity

By Courtney Heinbach

Productivity is the name of the game for managed service providers (MSPs). In addition to customer satisfaction, it’s likely a top priority for most MSPs. With endpoints to manage, customer tickets to work, sales to be closed, and much more, there is no shortage of to-dos for MSPs and their staff. So when there’s an opportunity to get more work done in a shorter amount of time (without compromising quality, of course), MSPs seize it.

A considerable driver of an MSP’s efficiency is the solutions they choose to run their businesses. Many MSPs operate with two business management solutions: professional services automation (PSA) tools to manage tickets and helpdesk and remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to manage client endpoints. To see just how much of an impact PSA and RMM tools can have on MSP productivity, we worked with Forrester Consulting to identify the Total Economic Impact™ of our solutions for our partners.

Forrester based its study on interviews conducted with decision-makers at four separate MSPs that partner with Datto. Forrester then aggregated the experiences and combined the results into a single composite organisation to complete a financial analysis that includes costs, risk assumptions to find that MSPs can achieve a total ROI of 256% in a payback period of fewer than six months.

Productivity value of Datto RMM and Autotask PSA

Before Datto, these four MSPs leveraged technology from multiple providers and lacked a unified approach. They had limited RMM and PSA capabilities, which led to inefficiencies in managing business operations and supporting clients. Inefficiencies with prior technology services impacted their ability to improve service levels for clients and grow their client base.

After partnering with Datto, MSP employees realised time-savings when dealing with day-to-day issues. The MSPs could better track work orders and ensure that clients received timely, comprehensive service. Datto’s Autotask PSA solution enables MSPs to do self-service with clients and create frequently asked question pages. Dashboards and widgets allow employees to prioritise tickets with a few clicks and allocate the time needed to resolve them.

“Our engineer efficiency went through the roof, service to our clients went right up, and clients have been happy ever since we moved to Datto.” Managing Director, Western Europe MSP

Having solutions from one vendor created efficiencies in day-to-day work, enabling MSPs to pursue additional clients and grow their business. For one MSP, the addition of Autotask PSA helped them to add 12 new clients in one year.

“Our engineers are able to easily manage their tickets when they’re delivering service to our clients —no longer mixing tickets, missing phone calls, or losing SLAs because they have all the visibility there of the tickets.” Managing Director, Western Europe MSP

MSPs leverage Datto RMM’s dashboards and widgets for remote monitoring purposes to track client work items and have a clear view of system endpoints. Automated capabilities for quick response and resolution on system updates or integration maintenance-free more time for client engagement or taking on new clients for MSP teams. Automation through Autotask PSA helps with client scalability, helping MSPs identify recurring problems and be more proactive in fixing systems before they become much more significant issues for clients. MSPs interviewed by Forrester realise a 50% improvement in efficiency with work orders after implementing Datto solutions.

To learn more about the productivity benefits of using seamlessly integrated solutions, take a look at the complete study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Datto Cost Savings and Business Benefits of Using Datto Integrated Solutions.

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