How MSPs Can Be Competitive

September 04, 2019

How MSPs Can Be Competitive

By Henry Washburn

Salespeople tend to get a little worried when a prospect has X competitor and they never have heard of them before. They inevitably say, “Let me get back to you” and go ask someone for a battle card which might or might not be available. There is a problem with that. It reverts the salesperson to a feature by feature comparison.

Managed service providers have a great opportunity where they don’t have to sell product to product. Their differentiation comes from the services they offer on top of the vendors they use. Let’s take a look at the value propositions of products used by MSPs but delivered by vendors:

  • The MSP will handle any technical issues at any time of day, even 3 am on a Sunday or when you (the end user) is trying to enjoy your family/party/sleep:
    • Remote Monitoring and Management
    • Remote Takeover
    • Automation
    • NOC services
    • 24/7/365 support from vendors when issues arise
    • Networking
  • We prepare your environment and your employees with threat mitigation services
    • UTM Products
    • SIEM Products
    • Training for the end user
    • SaaS Products
    • Business Continuity Products
  • We are a business and can help you with business consulting for future growth
    • Cloud Services (O365 migration, cloud applications)
    • How to operationalize your business
  • Other very specific services MSPs can offer

That last one is an interesting one because it literally could be anything. Do you specialize in a vertical that is directly related to your customer? Do you offer insurance for your services if there is any data loss that cannot be remediated? Do you officiate weddings? (Maybe not that last question, but you get the idea.) Glowing customer testimonials? What is that you do, that sets you apart?

Once shown, they allow you to charge a proper amount for the services you offer and not get caught up in the low-cost alternatives that might be around. Every move you make is profitable and that is the most important thing you need to make sure.

Set yourself above the competition by not getting caught in a price war and going over your value. If the prospect doesn’t see your value, assuming you have shown it to the best of your ability, then how do you expect the prospect to value your services when you charge them?

One of Datto’s Competitive Differentiators are the Account Managers that work here. They help thousands of MSPs around the world level up their services by being true partners and helping them close deals that Service Providers want to gain Monthly Recurring Revenue and become a true Managed Service Provider. Become a Datto Partner and gain MRR.

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