[Podcast] How Datto’s Partner Advisory Board Sets Up An MSP For Success

May 27, 2016

[Podcast] How Datto’s Partner Advisory Board Sets Up An MSP For Success

By Melissa Stanton

The Datto Partner Advisory Board is critical to our success. Jeremy Koellish, COO of Tektegrity and advisory board member, has successfully replicated the board model at his MSP business in California.

In this week’s podcast, Rob Rae, VP of Business Development, and Jeremy discuss Jeremy’s involvement with Datto and how a customer advisory board at Tektegrity has helped transform his business.

What was your thought process? How long have you had a council?

We’ve had a council for over a year now. We wanted to get a decent size sample, so 25 is pretty big, but at the same time we wanted to get all the different verticals in which we represent and a good segment of those verticals then which we represent in the room. Medical, engineering, architecture, we wanted to get those verticals in the room. We also knew that not everybody can always be there, so there’s going to be a few empty seats at those meetings.

How is the Datto Partner Advisory Board valuable to you?

What’s really great about that is that Datto’s really open to their partners and listening to their partners. You guys do a great job just by always wanting to always be right there and always relevant with our direct needs. It’s not just about you telling us what’s really the great cool thing in the business continuity space that you think we want. It’s really about you listening to what you guys can do better and then implementing that. To me that’s what’s really great about the Datto advisory board is that you do present what you’re doing, but at the same time you go, “Okay, how can we be better? Tell us.”

Listen to the full podcast now.

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