How Ancero Delivers Top-Notch BCDR

August 03, 2016

How Ancero Delivers Top-Notch BCDR

By Chris Brunau

It isn’t easy to keep a client’s business running no matter what. Especially when that client is located in a flood-prone area with unreliable power. Luckily, Ancero, a managed service provider (MSP) operating out of Mount Laurel, NJ, is there to help. In addition to serving as an MSP, Ancero provides clients with cloud-based communication solutions, private cloud storage and various other services. Ancero does whatever it takes to keep their clients in business, as is the case for a pharmaceutical company. According to Mitch Borochaner, Manager of Pre-Sales Engineering at Ancero, some of the pharmaceutical company’s major pain points included the constant need for generators to account for their faulty power utilities at the office and the threat of flooding. During Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey was hit with $30 billion in damages, so flood-related costs can be a major threat. Eventually, they decided enough was enough and the pharmaceutical company relocated to a new office with a more reliable power source, solving a large chunk of their downtime threat. However, Ancero still has their hands full.

“If there’s a disaster, their primary data such as marketing files, design work and sensitive customer information is not easily replaceable without additional labor and huge costs. Therefore, we have to keep all data secure and readily available via restore,” said Borochaner.

Prior to leveraging Datto, the client was relying on on-site backup only. According to Borochaner, the solution was unreliable and insufficient for the problems they were encountering on a regular basis. Luckily, there was a quick solution - to swap out the old, unreliable backup for a tried-and-true Datto solution.

To learn more about how Datto has helped Ancero keep the upper hand over downtime, check out the entire success story.

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