How A Pediatric Dentistry Office Defeats Ransomware

September 21, 2016

How A Pediatric Dentistry Office Defeats Ransomware

By Chris Brunau

“We want to serve our patients, not worry about IT,” said Lori Buchman, the Practice Administrator at Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry of Lincoln, NE. With 34 employees in two locations, it’s imperative that their data is secure.

That’s why Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry relies on Bizco Technologies, a full-service managed service provider, to manage their IT needs.

Bizco’s success is based on their ability to help businesses excel by implementing and managing the most applicable IT solutions. For Paul Zoz, Bizco President, it’s about “working diligently to make concepts such as ‘productivity’ and ‘lower total cost of ownership’ both meaningful and measurable in a customer’s work environment.”

One of Bizco’s top priorities for Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry was evaluating their existing business continuity and disaster recovery solution. Bizco recommended a Datto SIRIS device and the rest is history.

The Datto solution more than paid for itself when the dentistry practice fell victim to a potentially devastating ransomware attack. Cryptolocker had successfully penetrated the company’s network, encrypting the data and halting operations. Without the Datto solution already in place, Buchman estimated the cost would have been over $60,000 for the small business, not including potential compliance violations, non-billable hours, lost revenue, and unhappy clients.

To learn more about how Datto and Bizco protected Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry from ransomware, read the full success story.

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