Greenlight IT Drives Healthcare Compliance with Datto Continuity

Apr 13, 2020

Greenlight IT Drives Healthcare Compliance with Datto Continuity

BY Chris Brunau

Business Continuity

With new Department of Human Services (DHS) cloud legislation on the horizon and a broad range of existing compliance requirements including the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme, Australian healthcare providers have heaps to contend with. That’s why Greenlight ITC, a Sydney-based managed service provider (MSP), developed expertise in this space, according to Managing Director Mike Smith. 

“Whether it’s a specialist’s office, clinic, or a hospital, technology is essential,” he said. “These organisations need practice management system software online at all times. Without it, they can’t access patients’ medical history, send invoices, or bill Medicare. It’s critical.” 

To meet this demand, Greenlight ITC relies on Datto Continuity. “In many cases, a client may not even realise they have a major server outage, because we have them going [on the Datto device] within 15 minutes,” said Smith.” 

Providing intelligence and guidance for clients is an important differentiator for the company, both from a technology standpoint as well as on the regulatory compliance side. To learn more, check out the full success story

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