Google Workspace: What It Means for MSPs

October 21, 2020

Google Workspace: What It Means for MSPs

By Courtney Heinbach

Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, is undergoing some changes that will impact the small and medium organisations that use it to run their businesses. Here’s what you need to know about how your clients’ data may be impacted:

  • Recycle Bin Deletion - Effective 13th October, 2020, items in a user’s Trash folder will be permanently deleted after just thirty days. Previously, users’ deleted files were maintained indefinitely and files were only permanently deleted after a user manually emptied their Trash folders.
  • Storage Limits - Importantly, unlimited storage has been stripped from both Business Standard ($12/Month) and Business Plus ($18/Month) licenses and replaced with a 2TB and 5TB limit respectively. While this is anticipated to not impact shared drives at this time, this does impact storage in the Google Vault. It’s important to note that if you have over 300 users, you will now be bumped into the “Enterprise” tier which will cost approximately $20 more per month, but provides “as much storage as you need”.

For a comprehensive backup plan, MSPs shouldn’t rely solely on unlimited storage in Google Vault. These storage limits will force many users to move to the Enterprise Tier which may cause a significant cost increase.

Datto SaaS Protection provides our partners with unlimited storage and flexible retention options in the secure, reliable Datto cloud and can restore your clients’ permanently deleted data and get them the files they need to run their business.

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