What is RMM?

September 09, 2019

What is RMM?

By Chris Brunau

RMM tools range in complexity, some are built with simplicity in mind while others offer scads of configuration options. Your specific business needs will dictate the product you choose. As you are probably aware, Datto recently merged with Autotask, a cloud-based RMM provider. 

However, the combined company is committed to providing an open platform for MSPs—Datto partners can choose whatever RMM product meets their particular needs. 

According to Vince Tinnirello, the CEO of a Colorado based MSP called Anchor Network Solutions, he uses Datto RMM and Autotask PSA tools and cited integration and ease of use as the reasons why. “Other tools I’ve used in the past were overly complex, but Datto RMM and Autotask PSA feel like a single product, and that’s really compelling. The UI is clear, clean, and super easy to use. You can float back and forth between the two tools seamlessly,” he said.

When deploying RMM, start small and build up. “Don’t be wowed by ‘whiz-bang’ stuff,” said Tinnirello. “First, configure what you need to monitor and manage. Once you have that dialed in, then set up automation.” Tejero echoed that sentiment and recommended using pre-built automation scripts if the software you choose offers them. “It makes things so much easier when you can start with the pre-built scripts and customize from there,” he said.

Vendor tech support can also greatly ease deployments, so when you are researching RMM products, be certain to ask questions about the customer onboarding process. Taking the time to get your RMM software installed and configured to meet your needs up front can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

All of the MSPs we spoke with while researching this eBook said that RMM becomes so integral to your business that it can be difficult switch to a new RMM product. “RMM isn’t a like a switch or access point you can just swap out if you are unhappy with it,” said Tinnirello. “It is important to take a hard look at exactly how you plan to use RMM before selecting a solution.

In our new eBook, we’re diving into what you should consider when selecting an RMM product. Plus, you’ll find advice from industry-leading MSPs on using RMM to increase operational efficiency and drive revenue. Whether you are just getting started with managed services or are currently evaluating new RMM software, this eBook is for you. Download your copy of RMM Made MSPeasy today.

RMM Made MSPeasy

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