Fleet Migration With Datto

November 10, 2016

Fleet Migration With Datto

By Chris Brunau

Interested in migrating your fleet to Datto but maybe a little overwhelmed? We've got you covered. Thanks to some great Datto resources and these four simple guidelines, you’ll be better equipped and ready to turn your fleet migration into a simple undertaking:

  • Education and resources: To fully leverage Datto solutions we encourage your techs to participate in Datto Academy online training. For migrations exceeding ten devices, it’s important to become DCAT (Datto Certified Advanced Training) certified. In addition, the Datto Partner Portal and Datto Knowledge Base will also serve as two major points of reference for your business. These resources feature setup guides, product details and user guides, marketing and sales materials, best practices and answers to all things Datto.

  • Implementation: With the on-boarding process, White Glove Configuration, the Resource Portal, Sales 101 Training and a Business Development Review, you’ll be set up for success throughout the entire process.

  • Check-in: The migration is only successful when you and your customers are happy. The Datto team will perform a check-in with you to ensure that everything is running smoothly and the migration is complete.

  • Continued development: Datto is committed to your success, your Datto team can help you in a myriad of ways throughout the partnership such as training seminars to webinars.

To learn more about the entire fleet migration process with Datto, check out our new product information sheet. If you’re interested in hearing from a Datto partner about their experience with making the switch to Datto? Check out our partner podcast!

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