Five Star BCDR

January 04, 2016

Five Star BCDR

By Chris Brunau

Avoiding downtime is no easy task, especially for a major resort on the Florida coast with 320 employees. Protecting the hotel from cyber attacks or harsh weather is a 24/7 job. Thanks to the hotel’s MSP, Andrew Schmidt of Hexistor Data Protection Services, proper business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) is a less daunting task.

Schmidt wanted a better way to protect the hotel’s data and avoid downtime. Before Datto, restores might take Schmidt an entire day or more. He implemented Datto, which offers the ability to store data both locally and virtually. Now they have a proper BCDR plan allowing them to avoid extended periods of downtime.

“In the past, they were only copying data over. Now they have a bootable image of a machine offering a completely new level of business continuity and disaster recovery,” Schmidt said, referring to the hotel. The Datto solution works quickly to get business back up and running in the event of server failure.

“Datto makes restorations simple and incredibly easy. Your normal, day-to-day restorations are a breeze, and it gives you peace of mind knowing their system could be back up and running remotely, because it is a 24-hour business, every day of the year. The ability to utilize virtualization for testing before you go to full production is also a great feature. This was something that would have been impossible if we were using tape backup,” said Schmidt.

According to Schmidt, a proper BCDR plan isn’t a question of if, but when you’ll need it. Datto gives Andrew Schmidt and his client the ability to keep things running in a timely and comprehensive manner during what are becoming fairly predictable stormy scenarios.

To get more details on how Hexistor protects data on behalf of its hotel client, read the full case study.

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